Oil Change Service near Albuquerque, NM

Oil Change Service near Albuquerque, NM

Oil Change Service near Albuquerque, NM

Melloy Nissan is a new Nissan dealership with all of the essential services located in Albuquerque, NM. Melloy Nissan offers an impressive selection of new, used and certified pre-owned vehicles in the wide inventories as well as any and every auto repair service or maintenance service you can think of at our state-of-the-art Nissan Service Center!

The Service Center at Melloy Nissan is always equipped with a team of certified professionals who are prepared to service your vehicle with the utmost care and concern. When you schedule a service appointment with Melloy Nissan, expect quality, efficiency and complete satisfaction every time.

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  • Service Center
    Melloy Nissan Service Center

    Melloy Nissan of Albuquerque, NM, is home to one of the most top-tier service departments in the area. Our Nissan Service Center is equipped with a team of certified technicians and Nissan experts who are fully experienced in the field and are prepared to handle any need you might have as a Nissan driver.

    The Service Center offers various repairs and maintenance servicing, including oil changes, tire rotations, engine work, transmission repairs, battery replacements and even collision repairs! The list goes on. Choose to have your Nissan serviced at Melloy Nissan’s Service Center—we promise to provide reliable servicing and an efficiency that is unmatched in the area! Our team is the best around.

  • How to know when you need an oil change?
    How to know when you need an oil change?

    There are many telltale signs that your car may need servicing. When it comes to oil changes, the most common signs include excess vehicle exhaust, falling oil levels, increased engine noise or even more mileage than usual. Nissan drivers can often depend on their Check Engine Light as well as a sign their oil might need to be changed.

    If you have been driving your vehicle often and putting a lot of miles in and you think it may have been some time since your car’s last oil change, there’s no harm in bringing your vehicle into Melloy Nissan’s Service Center to have its oil levels checked and possibly get an oil change on the spot. Schedule an appointment with the Service Center anytime. Melloy Nissan is always happy to help.

    • Excess vehicle exhaust
    • Falling oil level
    • Increased engine noise
    • Irregular oil texture
    • Low oil level
    • More mileage than usual
    • Check Engine Light
    • Shaking while idling
    • Ticking sounds when starting
  • Importance of getting an oil change
    Importance of getting an oil change

    Upkeep of your vehicle is important for many reasons, and maintaining your car’s engine, transmission, tires and more will lead to a much longer, lasting life and a lot more miles. The importance of getting an oil change is one of the top services that will keep your car up-and-running for the long run.

    Why is an oil change so important? Getting your car’s oil changed every 3,000 to 5,000 miles means reducing and removing any excess dust and dirt—or sludge—build-up in the engine. Oil changes completely remove all of this and contribute to the engine’s overall cleanliness. Regular oil changes are essential for every vehicle’s ability to fully function and perform most efficiently and smoothly. Clean oil cools the engine components, improves gas mileage and ultimately promotes vehicle longevity.

    • Reduces and removes excess dust, dirt, debris and sludge
    • Cools engine components
    • Lubricates moving parts in the engine
    • Improves gas mileage
    • Saves you money in the long run
    • Promotes vehicle longevity

Why Buy From Melloy Nissan in Albuquerque, NM?

Melloy Nissan is a new and used Nissan dealership located in Albuquerque, NM! Melloy Nissan has an impressive inventory of new, used and pre-owned vehicles available in the new and used inventories, including some of the latest, most popular and reliable Nissan models.

Melloy Nissan offers various reliable repairs and maintenance services at the Nissan Service Center on site, including regular oil changes. At our Finance Center, customers can consider financing a new or used vehicle, and with the help of our experienced financing team, the process will be quick and hassle-free every time. Whatever your needs, Melloy Nissan promises to provide quality products and parts, reliable servicing and exceptional customer service year-round.

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